• Branding, Marketing, PR

Branding, Website, Marketing, Public Relations, Advertisement, Media Management,

  • Media Liaison 

Public Relations: Media events, campaigns, publicity, printing of Invitations Bags, Booklet, CDs, etc

  • Communication Strategy and Planning 

Develop PR and marketing plan (incl. printing matters, designs)

  • Venue Management

Venue booking according to programme, Coordination Management, Reporting

  • Documentation management

Establish relationships with Service providers (quotes, contracts, TOR, bookings) , Service Provider relationship management (reconfirm and renegotiate)

  • Online Participant Registration and RSVP

Design delegate information packs (e.g. first invitation, program, registration form)

  • Transport and Accommodation Management, Sponsorship Strategy and Management

Structures(oversee implementation) of pre- conference activities e.g. Transport, accommodation, exhibition etc

  • Expo Programme Development and Management 

Compile and execute Special event programs (pre & post tours, spouse programs, opening and closing sessions, gala dinner, décor)

  • Exhibition and exhibitor training programme


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